Thoughts on Change

As I drive home from work today, the autumn air beckons me to roll the windows down and allow the wind to whip tangles into my hair. The fresh, cool air is such a welcome change from the baking sun that usually has me blasting the AC to make the short drive home bearable. My tummy is full of healthy foods that are good for the growing baby that’s gently nudging me from inside my belly. The smell of farm-grown basil and onions from a nearby field fill my car with a delicious scent that makes my mouth water. Moments later, I smell the familiar odor of a dairy farm as I drive past the familiar orchards of my childhood. My eyes well up with tears as I think of all the blessings that have occurred in the last six months.


Six months may not seem like a long time or a significant career opportunity for “just a temp job,” but for me, this job was God’s perfect plan.

  • A job that I enjoyed driving to every day – Because of where my job was located, I had two options for travel: freeway or back roads. Most days, I chose the latter. These were familiar roads through my childhood neighborhood; I even passed my elementary school on the way. Over six months, I saw a barn built from nothing, political signs advocating the preservation of these acres as farmland, new orchards being planted, hay being harvested, fresh produce stands run by kids on summer break, multiple breeds of animals (including a coyote), and countless stunning sunrises that took my breath away.

2014-03-10 12.03.49-1

  • A job that came at the exact moment we needed it – With my husband’s lay off eight months prior, our emergency fund drained, me finishing my last semester of college, and no government aid to be had, we were days away from having to move out of our tiny apartment and rent a room from family. God provided this job at our greatest hour of need, allowing me to work a solid 25 hours a week until my husband found a full-time job two months later.

2014-03-12 07.21.58-2

  • A job that allowed me to work part-time while I finished school – Not only was I finishing my last semester, but my new boss gave me permission to work on homework during my down time. Yes, I was being paid to do homework on the job. Not only that, I was able to finish all of my coursework (including my senior thesis) a month before school was out.

2014-03-17 06.48.37-1

  • A job that allowed for a healthy start to pregnancy – Although I did not tell my employers about my pregnancy until I was 23 weeks along, I’ve been blessed with the ability to take care of myself while still working part-time. I was able to schedule prenatal appointments with my doctor without trouble. I was very lucky to not have any morning sickness. Instead, I spent my entire first trimester eating everything in sight. My job allowed for me to eat whenever I needed to, and I was spared any strenuous activity (except for walking back and forth to the ladies’ room). Working half days gave me the ability to schedule a two-hour nap right after work when I needed it and still have time to be productive in the rest of the day.

2014-02-24 06.51.23-2

Two weeks from today, I will be starting back at the job I had previous to this one – working as a writing tutor at the CSU Stanislaus Writing Center. It’s the best job I’ve ever had, and I’m so excited to be returning. In light of this news, I gave my two weeks’ notice at a job I started in February. Although this temp job hasn’t been one of the most exciting or fulfilling jobs, God placed me there at that exact moment for an exact purpose. And that may be the greatest blessing of all.