10 Weekly Goals (Knowing I Might Toss Them Out The Window At Any Moment)

goals pic

It’s been a loooooooong time since I’ve updated my blog. I’ve been so busy with my new job (double the hours from my last job), birth classes, and nesting, I’ve hardly had a moment to think about it. I’m officially on maternity leave, so I’m back! I can’t guarantee I’ll post as frequently as I used to, but with the baby coming soon, I’m hoping to update occasionally for all those out-of-state family members who are looking for an update on the baby.

I thought I’d start with a weekly goals post, knowing full well that I might abandon my goals at any moment if I go into labor. Then I’ll only have one goal – having a baby!

This week’s goals:

Marriage/Homemaking Goals:

1. Write a love note to Spencer

2. Finish the nursery

3. Spend at least 1 hour a day on cleaning/organizing/nesting

4. Do one “freezer cooking in an hour” session

5. Finish up “post-baby” lists

Personal Goals:

6. Read She Reads Truth app daily

7. Finish up thank you notes from baby shower

8. Exercise at least 3 days

Financial/Hobby Goals:

9. Apply for state disability

10. Make a baby wrap

We’ll see how I do with these this week. What are your goals?

I love comments!

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