4 Weeks to a More Organized Home: Days 6-9



I’ve been supremely slacking in following up with this challenge! I find it’s easier for me to tackle a few days’ worth of projects together, but I’m working on spacing them out a little every day so I don’t get overwhelmed. One of my goals this week is to catch up on this challenge!

Complete a 15-minute pickup of main living areas

My main living areas are becoming less and less of a problem with clutter. I’ll be also focusing this time on the master bedroom as well.

Day 6 – Clean out your vehicle

I try to keep my car clean as best as I can, but it still can use a good cleaning every now and then. I was SHOCKED at how much debris there was on the floor of my car! It’s soooo much cleaner now that it’s been vacuumed and washed!

ahhh... so pretty!

ahhh… so pretty!

bag of stuff to leave the car!

bag of stuff to leave the car!

Day 7 – Wipe down all the baseboards in your home

Day 8 – Wipe down all the door handles in your home

Day 9 – Wipe down all the light switch plates in your home

Find 7 things to get rid of
(These are from my car)

  1. 2 textbooks
  2. 5 old maps
  3. 1 tub of lotion
  4. 1 takeout menu
  5. 1 expired coupon

We spent 2-3 hours on Sunday clearing out the future nursery. Lots of stuff got thrown out, moved to storage, and given away. I have no idea how many things there were, but it was more than 7.

Did you complete last week’s tasks? How’d it go?

I love comments!

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