24 Weeks

24 weeks

How far along: 24 weeks! 16 weeks to go!

Gender: BOY!

Weight gained: About 19 lbs so far. I’m gaining an average of ¾ – 1 lb a week.

Monday: Piyo Sweat, Taught Zumba
Tuesday: Piyo Define: Lower, Zumba choreo review at home, taught a Zumba Kids demo class
Thursday: Taught Zumba
Friday: PiYo Core & Define: Upper
Saturday: PiYo Sweat
Sunday: 2 hours of clearing out the nursery
I’m loving the PiYo program so far! Want to join me? Click here!

Clothing Choices:  Dresses, dresses, dresses. I’m also loving my Gap workout pants.

Belly button: Inny

Sleep: I’m waking up at 2-3 times a night now.

Best moment this week:  Announcing the full name for our baby and beginning the process of clearing out the nursery!

josiah samwise

Hardest moment this week:  Telling my temp agency about my pregnancy. I’m still not sure what will happen!

What I’m missing: Sleep. And cocktails. I’ve been making mocktails with sparkling water lately.

Movement: He definitely moves more on certain days than others. He’s getting quite wiggly, and I’m pretty sure he had the hiccups this week!

Cravings:  Thanksgiving dinner. Soup.

Queasy or sick: I’m feeling great!

Looking forward to: Finishing up the nursery clear-out so we can start putting the room together!

Strange Dreams:  Last night I dreamed my grandma was 38 weeks pregnant. Her, my mom, and my aunt went to redeem treat receipts on the last day and I couldn’t go with them for some reason. My mom tried calling to see what I wanted, but the phone was too complicated for me to figure out how to answer it. I called her back 30 second later, and they were already walking in the door. I was really upset.  I woke myself up sobbing, “It’s fine.”

Another dream crossed Hook with the mole people episode of Bones. It was SUPER weird.

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