4 Weeks to a More Organized Home: Days 4 & 5



Sorry I’m a bit late on this post! Better late than never. 🙂

Complete a 15-minute pickup of main living areas

I completely missed these days and only did the daily tasks. Oops! My main living areas are getting to be less and less of an issue. Hooray! This week I’ll be focused on picking up the master bedroom, too.

Day 4 – Move furniture & vacuum underneath



Day 5 – Clean your couches

Since I can’t move furniture due to pregnancy, I had to wait for the weekend to finish these tasks so my husband could help. While he had the couches moved, I vacuumed and mopped underneath. I also cleaned the baseboards behind the couches since that’s on the task list for this week! I still need to move the bed and TV stand to get everything good and clean underneath, but that will probably wait until next weekend.

photo 4

And a photobomb from Pippin…

photo 3

Find 7 things to get rid of

I found a few random things under the couches. They’ve at least been dealt with!

photo 2

  1. A pack of tissues
  2. A felt foot for furniture
  3. Disposable protective eye wear for after a visit to the eye doctor
  4. A cat toy
  5. Broken pieces of an outlet
  6. A recipe
  7. 2 pennies

Did you complete last week’s tasks? How’d it go?

I love comments!

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