Routines: Week 1

2014-06-18 07.32.30

It’s officially been 1 week of trying out my new routines! I have to say, forming new habits is tough!

I’ve had the most success with my evening routine so far. As a refresher, here’s what that entails:

Evening routine

  • Pack lunch (if working the next day)
  • Tidy kitchen
  • Take pills
  • Lay out clothes
  • Fill out tomorrow’s daily docket

So far, I’ve been 100% on with taking my pills and laying out my clothes for the next day. I’ve been about 45% on task with filling out tomorrow’s daily docket at night. The other 55% of the time, I fill it out first thing in the morning. I only need to pack my lunch 3 days a week for work, so I’ve been able to do that 100% this week. As far as tidying the kitchen… that’s usually my last priority. I does set my mind at ease, and it makes me happy to see an empty sink in the morning, but if I’m really sleepy (or feeling lazy), I’ll just go to bed. The number one thing that is missing from my evening routine is having a set bedtime. My alarm goes off on my phone every night at 8:30 for me to start my evening routine, but perhaps I need to move that back to 9pm in order to make sure I set time aside for it.

The success of my morning routine depends entirely on the success of my evening routine the night before. I’m really working hard at getting up to exercise first thing in the morning (mostly because it’s still so hot later in the day!). Again, I think that having a set bedtime will help me greatly with this. Other than exercising, scheduling time to read my Bible in the morning consistently is the other big struggle. If I don’t do this in the morning, I usually don’t get to it later in the day. I really want to carve time out in the mornings to read God’s word. It’s the best way to start the day!

My afternoon routine is sketchy right now, mostly because I have a different schedule almost every day. I’m going to work on that one more this week. Because of this, my afternoon routine is my lowest priority in this endeavor.

I know that this was only my first week and that building habits takes time. I’m looking forward to getting even better with these as time goes on!


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