4 Weeks to a More Organized Home: Day 1



I’m back with my check-in from day 1 of the 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home challenge!

Complete a 15-minute pickup of main living areas

I worked from 2:15-2:30 and was able to work on a few piles, put things away, and find things to get rid of!

Clean out your purse/wallet/diaper bag

I just cleaned out my purse last week, but it already needed a quick cleanup!

The before/after doesn’t look much different, but I did find 5 of my 7 things to get rid of. I also put several things back where they belonged (loose change, etc.).

2014-08-04 09.56.05



2014-08-04 09.57.24


2014-08-04 10.07.17



Find 7 things to get rid of

2014-08-04 10.06.312014-08-04 14.24.02

  1. 3 receipts
  2. An informational handout I don’t need anymore
  3. An appointment card (which is already scheduled in my phone)
  4. A frequent buyer card I haven’t used in a year
  5. The key to my old car club that I don’t have anymore
  6. A hat from my husband’s work before the company changed names
  7. A tablecloth we haven’t used for over a year
  8. A set of 3 headbands
  9. A brand new pen
  10. A clutch purse I’ve only used once
  11. An old timecard for a temp agency we never worked for
  12. An expired sweepstakes card
  13. 1 magazine (not pictured)

Wahoo! I was able to get rid of way more than I originally planned!

Have you done today’s tasks yet? How’d it go?

I love comments!

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