Road Trip!

Last weekend, my mom and I hit the road for a girls’ weekend in Southern California to visit my sister.

Since I was leaving right after work, Spencer and I decided to get up early on Friday to have a breakfast date. He dressed up for me. I love my man.

After work, my mom came to pick me up, load my stuff in the car, and hit the road. I finally got to grab some broccoli cheddar soup from Panera on our way out of town. #craving
I also love their tropical hibiscus iced tea!

We arrived in Glendale around 6:30pm and headed out for dinner. We went to Soup Plantation in Los Feliz. I had never been before. It’s pretty much exactly like a restaurant we have around here called Fresh Choice. Ginormous salad bar? Check. All you can eat stations for soup, bakery, baked potatoes, pizza, and pasta? Check. Soft serve ice cream? Check. This was a great choice.

After dinner, we went to visit my friend Becky, who is going to be my doula in December! I’ve known Becky since high school, and I was very blessed to have her as one of my bridesmaids in my wedding.

June 25, 2010

Becky and I got to talk babies and episiotomies and labor pains and birthing positions and Enya and Target scarves and everything in between for a couple of hours before my family came back to pick me up. If you’re in the LA area and need a doula, make sure you check out her website.

On Saturday, we had brunch at this adorable café called Aroma in Studio City. It’s located on a quaint, dog-friendly street that was quite reminiscent of Carmel-by-the-Sea. Not only was their food great, but their service was incredible. Afterwards, we browsed some of the many boutiques that lined the street.

This book instantly went on my Amazon wish list.

This book instantly went on my Amazon wish list.

After breakfast, we went to the Getty Museum for a few hours. We took a scenic route through the Hollywood hills, including driving by Beverly Hills, before we arrived. It was beautiful!

I wish I had had more energy while we walked around. Even still, I enjoyed looking at ancient Greek sculptures, 18th century European paintings, the Byzantine manuscripts (the oldest of which was from the 500s!!!), and stained glass from early Western Christianity. It was surreal to be in the presence of artifacts that were so old. My favorite display was in the Impressionism room – Irises by Van Gogh.

Irises - Vincent Van Gogh

Irises – Vincent Van Gogh

Another favorite was this sculpture from the late 1800s. Coincidentally, it is an uncanny representation of my sister and I when we were young. We tried to recreate the sculpture here, though it took everything in us to stop laughing long enough to snap a photo. This was mere seconds before we burst out laughing again.

Next, we decided to go to a thrift store my sister had found a few weeks ago. After grabbing Starbucks, I napped in the backseat while we navigated traffic on the 101. We pawed through several racks of clothing before finally settling on our choices – a skirt for my sister and a brand new dress for me. I spent $2. Next on the agenda was going to Ikea in Burbank. By the time we got there, we decided to grab dinner at Market City Café. We mostly loved our meals, though my summer veggie lasagna was too rich for me to eat much of it.

Right across the way was a Gap outlet. My sister and I ended up buying the exact same grey cardigan and $8 workout pants. You’d think we were related or something, right? Also nearby was a two-story Ross. I made a killing there – three dresses and two pairs of shoes for $77. If you break down everything that I got for the day, it comes out to just under $13 per item. After my closet purge last week, I have almost nothing left in my closet that fits me. I’m so thankful for my awesome deals I found this weekend. Finally, we went to Ikea about 30 minutes before they closed. We able to accomplish our mission of acquiring a body pillow for me in about half that time. We were all exhausted after a full day of walking around and shopping.

Sunday morning, we got up much earlier to go to the Rose Bowl flea market. We were accompanied by our friend Jamison, one of my sister’s friends from high school. Much to my delight, we got breakfast at Porto’s Bakery. I got a baked ham and cheese, two ham croquettes, and a cheese roll. If you ever get a chance to go to Porto’s, GO. And get a cheese roll. Or two. Or five. And don’t forget to send me some.


I loved these marquee signs!

I loved these marquee signs!

We got to the Rose Bowl at 8:30 and shopped until 11:30. I love bargaining, but I don’t get many opportunities to do so. I came away with 6 Dr. Seuss books for $6, a large conch shell for $10, two bowties for my husband for $12, and a summer hat for me for $15. My sister bought a beautiful, delicate, gold bracelet. My mom bought a gold chain for a pendant I bought her in New Zealand. Jamison bought himself a bow tie. We went to Taco Stop for lunch, which was much more American than Mexican food, but it was delicious nonetheless.

After driving back to my sister’s apartment to get our luggage, we said our goodbyes and hit the road for the 5-hour trek back to Modesto. It was a jam-packed weekend, but it was so much fun. I’m truly grateful for the time I get to spend with them.


2 thoughts on “Road Trip!

  1. I guess I missed the post about you being pregnant! WOW! You really don’t mess around with your “To-Do” list! Congratulations!
    Here’s a book you’ll love (if you haven’t yet read it): Operating Instructions by Anne Lamott.
    Here’s a blurb:
    It’s not like she’s the only woman to ever have a baby. At thirty-five. On her own. But Anne Lamott makes it all fresh in her now-classic account of how she and her son and numerous friends and neighbors and some strangers survived and thrived in that all important first year. From finding out that her baby is a boy (and getting used to the idea) to finding out that her best friend and greatest supporter Pam will die of cancer (and not getting used to that idea), with a generous amount of wit and faith (but very little piousness), Lamott narrates the great and small events that make up a woman’s life.

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