A Thanksgiving Short Story

Here’s a little Thanksgiving short story I wrote in my Children’s Lit class this morning. I hope you enjoy it!

My Goose is Cooked
By Jennifer Beard

The coils ripple heat across my golden, crispy skin. The warm air of the kitchen feels cool in comparison to my oven sauna. I know my time on this earth is short. I wish I could spend my last moments with my family out in the powdery snow. I know my sacrifice is a noble cause. I feel myself being lifted out of the pan where I had been basting in my own sweat. I am nestled in a bed of crisp lettuce arranged upon a clean, white tray.

As I descend, I take note of the beautiful, festive candles and leaves that are placed in a decorative manner across the table. I take my place between the gravy and cranberry sauce. It is then that I notice the twenty round faces leering and drooling as they stalk their prey – me.

What? I thought my sacrifice would benefit a family that is truly in want, not these plump, greedy American vultures who are practically drenching their napkins in saliva. My gaze is drawn by a quick flash of light glinting off the razor-sharp blade that can only be meant for me. At least it will be over quickly.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

September & October Review (Fall Bucket List 2013)

It’s been a while since I posted last, but that just means I’ve been busy! October was my busiest month at school this semester, so I’m hoping things will calm down a bit as the semester winds down.

In my last post, I wrote about our fall bucket list. Just for reference, here’s the list once more:


Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far:

September 28: Decorate the house for fall

I picked up some gourds at the farmer’s market and brought out the fall scented candles.


Oct 3: Watch hockey at home

We’ve managed to catch almost every Sharks game so far this season, and we’re looking forward to going to the Tank in November!

Oct 11-12: Take a trip to the cabin, Make (and eat) caramel apples, Admire the fall foliage on a nature walk/drive, Go stargazing

We crammed a lot into the two days we spent at the cabin. I love that place.




Oct 25: Visit a pumpkin patch, Navigate through a corn maze

We had a blast getting together with our college & careers bible study group for a great night of corn maze madness. My husband and I were the only two of our group to successfully complete all 12 checkpoints in the 4.5 miles of corn maze to win free pumpkins. I call that a success.

Also, the maze was in the shape of Kaepernick.




Oct 31: Dress up for Halloween, Volunteer for the Fall Fun Faire, Carve pumpkins

Well, I dressed up (as Audrey Hepburn). And I carved both pumpkins myself. Halloween isn’t my husband’s favorite holiday. I’m glad we could get into the spirit together by volunteering at the church’s Fall Fun Faire.



Whew! It’s been a really busy season so far, and I’m loving every minute of it. We’re about halfway through our fall bucket list. How about you?