Menu Plan Monday {10}


Last week was a challenge. It was our first week doing our cash flow budget plan. It was also a week where we had almost no money to our names, and payday wasn’t until Friday. All I had to shop with last week was a Target gift card for $14.96. And you know what? We made it work. I had to make a lot of stuff from scratch, we had to choose to do without a few things, but we made it through.

While I was making our menu plan this week, I was so excited to have our regular budget to work with for shopping. I went a little crazy at first, adding in a few favorite recipes of mine and a few other new recipes I wanted to try. I quickly realized I had overcomplicated our menu plan and needed to cut back on a few items. I simplified our plan and then got extra of what I was really excited about – fresh fruit! I missed fresh fruit last week.

Also, I did most of our shopping for the next two weeks. This haul took trips to 5 separate grocery stores. Yes, 5.

Yesterday, I did some bulk shopping at Costco. I got a rotisserie chicken, two huge loaves of bread, a large tub of Greek yogurt, 2 dozen eggs, a large package of tortillas, and my splurge item – kiwi fruit! Total spent = $28.59

Today, I ran a grocery shopping marathon.

First stop – Food Maxx. I got apples, turkey bacon, salad greens, ranch dressing mix, diced green chilies, and ramen. Confession time – I actually love ramen. I ate it almost every day after school all through high school. I like having a few packages of it on hand, just in case we get into a pinch or I need something crunchy on top of a salad. Total spent = $8.84

Second stop – The 99 cents store.
I got a small box of Honeycomb cereal for the hubby, buffalo sauce, instant coffee, green onions, and blueberries! I’m very excited about the blueberries. Total spent = $6

Third stop – Sprouts.
I got dried unsweetened coconut flakes, whole wheat four, and blood oranges. I’m telling you – I splurged on fruit this week! Total spent = $5.78

Fourth stop – Target.
This was later in the evening today when I realized I hadn’t gotten oatmeal earlier! I got rolled oats, peanut butter, and almond milk. Total = $7.64

I had $75 to spend for two weeks worth of groceries. My total for all these groceries was $56.85. I have $18.18 left to spend for next week. Honestly, I’m not worried about it much since we stocked up so much on eggs, bread, and some pantry staples. Plus, we have lots of homemade foods in the freezer that I made last week to carry us through!

Menu plan:


Homemade sausage & cheese sandwiches on whole wheat freezer biscuits

Slow-cooker apple cinnamon steel cut oats

Eggs & turkey bacon



Spicy brown sugar salmon with salad

Chili-stuffed peppers

PB&J or Turkey sandwiches


Green chicken enchiladas

Fried Rice

Buffalo Chicken Tacos

Chicken Alfredo Lasagna Roll-Ups



No Bake Energy Bites


Greek yogurt

Protein shakes


What are you planning this week?


I love comments!

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