10 Goals for the Week {2}

Time for an update! Accountability is good for all of us.

Last week’s goals:

1. Go on a date with Spencer Spencer and I actually went on two dates! We went to lunch together once and last night we went to see a local high school’s theater perform a vignette show!
2. Take Pippin to get fixed Pippin got fixed on Friday and is recovering well. I’ve been sleeping on the couch the last two nights to keep him company while he endures the “cone of shame.” 🙂

3. Move the rest of our stuff from the old house Tuesday night, my parents took two loads of boxes to their garage to hold for us for a bit. On Wednesday morning, one of my very dear friends got up early (6am!) to help me get the last of our stuff moved out of the old place. It took us 3 hours, but we got it all in two trips!
4. Spend 4 hours organizing I’ve lost count on how many hours I’ve spent on organizing this past week. I actually had to spend most of the day out of the house on Friday in order to be able to focus on doing homework because I get so distracted by all the things there are to do in the house! It’s amazing how much more there is still left to do.
5. Do a freezer cooking in an hour session I made 4 main courses for our dinners this week in under an hour. I will be posting a blog about this later this week.

6. Exercise 4 times For this goal, I only counted the times where the exercise was a conscious decision to do so. Though I spent more than 5 hours moving this week, and have had lots of activity through organizing, I’m only counting the times I went to the gym this week (which was 4).
7. Call doctor for an appointment I didn’t need an appointment, just needed to ask the nurse a question. Done!

8. Watch 1 Henry IV on YouTube I’ve been enjoying studying for my Shakespeare midterm by watching episodes of The Hollow Crown on YouTube. Each episode is a full-length play, so if you decide to give it a shot (which I highly recommend), make sure you budget 2-2.5 hours of time!
9. Read 2 chapters for Second Language Acquisition – For the reading I didn’t finish, I got halfway through the second chapter. The chapters are roughly 30-40 pages long. I should be finished with it in not too long.
10. Research summer classes I definitely spent a good hour on researching classes for summer. So far, I highly doubt I’ll be taking summer classes, as the ones I need will not be offered, or will not be covered by financial aid.

This week’s goals:


1. Go on a date with Spencer

2. Spend time with my mom


3. Empty all boxes labeled “kitchen” and put everything away

4. Hang up all clothes in closet


5. Exercise 4 times


6. Fill out our first cash-flow budget plan for Financial Peace University

7. Apply for unemployment


8. Finish reading for Second Language Acquisition & finish my Summary & Response assignment

9. Finish watching Richard II on YouTube

10. Read chapter 7 for Computers & finish all assignments for the week


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