Menu Plan Monday {8}

menu plan monday

As you may have read in my last post, we made our move to our new home on Thursday night. We haven’t really stopped moving since. Moving is a rough business. We still have stuff left in our old house that we need to move over. We’re hoping to be completely out of the other house by Wednesday.

Since I’m still getting into the habit of meal planning again, I’ve only planned out dinners for the week. I also finally got to go grocery shopping after eating from the pantry for two weeks! With all that, I still wanted to keep to a budget of only $40 for groceries for the week. I just made it and came in at $39.51!


Basil chicken with tomatoes

Garlic Parmesan peas

Tuesday (school day)

Leftovers/Fend for yourself


Crunchy oven-baked chicken tenders

Brown sugar carrots

Green salad


Grilled salmon


Wild rice


Slow-cooked balsamic pot roast

Baked potatoes

Garlic green beans


Cheese Enchiladas with sliced avocados

Corn on the cob




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