Menu Plan Monday on a Wednesday {5}

Hello blog world!
It’s time for menu planning again! I was a little late this week & did all my meal planning and grocery shopping on Tuesday night!

I also planned a little differently this time. I didn’t pick what I would eat each day. I just gave myself options to choose from depending on what sounds good that day. Here goes:

Mini Zucchini Quiche (3-4) & Smoothies

Turkey-Bagel Sandwich with Avocado, Green Apple, & Sprouts
Best-Ever BLT

Slow Cooker Lasagna
Turkey & Cheddar Burgers
Tex Mex Rice, Bean, & Chicken Casserole

Healthy Banana Split
94% fat free popcorn
light yogurt

That’s it! I’ve spent the last two hours prepping all of these meals for the week. I just have one more to go, but I needed to take a break for lunch. =)

I’ll let you know what I’m having today:
Breakfast: 4 Mini Zucchini Quiche & Blackberry-Peach Green Smoothie
Snack: Homemade Iced Coffee
Lunch: 1/2 apple, 1/2 c raspberries, Turkey-Bagel Sandwich with Avocado, Green Apple, & Sprouts
Snack: popcorn
Dinner: Slow Cooker Lasagna

What are you eating this week? Trying any new recipes?