Garden Paint ($20 mini makeover)

We’re still chugging away at that to do list (posted here)! Yesterday I hung a few pictures and the hubby changed a few doorknobs. We like to do things together. You know, teamwork and all.I also went shopping with my mom at Lowe’s for some “garden paint” – the stuff needed to make your garden pretty in a snap! We came home with two lantana plants, one carpet rose, a roll of weed blocker, and 4 huge bags of humus (mulch).

It was too hot yesterday to do anything in the garden, so tonight after the weather cooled down a bit, I decided to put the carpet rose in the planter. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any good “before” pictures of the exact planter I worked on. I do have this one from a month ago.

See the arrow? It’s pointing to the planter I just redid. A few days ago, I dug up that massive dandelion & pulled out as much bermuda grass that I could.

Today, I finished pulling up the bermuda grass, tossed out rocks, dug a big hole, rolled out the weed blocker, planted the rose & covered the rest of the planter with humus. The entire project took just over an hour. I’d say it looks pretty fantastic now. 🙂

Project cost breakdown:
1/2 roll DuPont organic weed control $5.77 ($11.54 for entire roll)
1 1/3 bags of humus $5.20 ($3.90 per bag)
1 carpet rose $9
Total cost of project: $19.97

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One thought on “Garden Paint ($20 mini makeover)

  1. Doesn't it feel wonderful to complete a project? I know if you just start with a little chunk of time, you can accomplish a lot. Trick is, get started :)God Bless

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