Menu Plan Monday (& grocery shopping)

I figured this week would be a good time to start working on menu planning again. Instead of picking what to have on a specific day, I just made a list of options for us to have so we can eat what we want from the list.

Breakfast burritos
Cereal & milk
Hard boiled eggs
Corn bread muffinsLunches
Corn dog muffins
Caesar salad
Make ahead marinated chicken (x2)
Smart Ones

Italian pasta bake (x2)
Make ahead marinated chicken
Chicken and rice casserole

Granola bars
Greek yogurt with raspberries & honey

Fruit smoothies
Peach or blackberry turnovers
Homemade baking mix

So that’s my list. Our pantry, fridge & freezer were pretty empty, so I did a lot of grocery shopping yesterday. After a few hours of coupon clipping, organizing, list making, and planning, I headed out for the first of three grocery trips – the 99 cent store!

Here’s my haul:
2 dozen eggs
1 bag croutons
5 bags shredded cheese
3 packages flour tortillas
1 bag corn meal
1 box pop tarts
4 cans tomato sauce
2 cans cream of chicken soup
1 bottle Italian dressing
1 bag Romaine hearts
1 green bell pepper
1 bottle mustard
1 box (2 pkgs) dry onion soup mix
1 roll aluminum foil
1 package of cupcake liners

The beauty of the 99 cent store is that everything is only $1!
Total spent = $25.07

After we put the groceries away, I had some lunch, and then went back out for grocery trip number two – Target!

Here’s my haul from trip #2:

5 bananas
5 Smart Ones frozen dinners
1 package turkey bacon
1 can green beans
3 2-liter bottles of Dr. Pepper
1 package ground turkey
2 large tubs Fage Total 0% plain Greek yogurt
1 bottle ketchup
2 boxes whole wheat rotini
1 lb butter
2 packages Ball Park beef franks
1 bag whole wheat flour
1 Axe deodorant
1 Dove deodorant
1 bottle Febreze fabric refresher
1 bottle Febreze air effects
1 Venus Embrace razor
4-pack Venus Embrace razor refills
2-pack First Response pregnancy tests (I’m married, okay??)
3-pack Scotch Brite refill sponges
2 boxes Nexcare Shrek bandaids
2 bottles Up & Up face wash
Not pictured: 25-lb box cat litter that I accidentally left in the bottom of the cart. 😦

Here were my good deals from the trip:
Venus razor & refills – on sale for $8 & $14.99 (respectively)
One $2/1 Venus razor coupon (P&G insert)
One $2/1 Venus razor refill coupon (P&G insert)
Target deal: buy 2 select Venus products, get a $5 gift card
Total cost for the two: $13.99!

Febreze fabric refresher $3.34
One BOGO free Febreze air effects (P&G insert)
Air effects normally priced at $2.69
Total cost: $3.34, or $1.67 per item!

2-pk First Response Early Response pregnancy tests, normally $7.99
One $2/1 Target coupon
One $2/1 manufacturer coupon
Total cost: $3.99, or $1.99 per item

2 boxes Nexcare Shrek bandaids, marked on clearance for $1.60 each.
Two $0.50/1 Nexcare item (Target printable)
Two $0.55/1 Nexcare item (newspaper)
Total cost: $0.55 per box!

Total cost of trip: $82.34
Total savings: $50.65
That’s a savings of 38%!!!!
I’m still pretty mad about leaving the cat litter in the cart though…. that was $10 of what I spent. GRRR.

After some freezer cooking (which I will post about hopefully tomorrow) and having dinner, we had a nice evening with some good friends. After they left, we went on a date to the third and final grocery shopping trip to pick up what we missed – Save Mart!

Here’s the leftovers we picked up there:
1 quart milk
1 bottle honey
1 box powdered milk
1 package peanut butter fudge cookies (for the hubby)
2 packages raspberriesThe raspberries were on sale, normally $3.99 per pack, they were marked down to 2 for $5.
The cookies were on sale as well, normally $2.19, marked down to $1.99.
Total cost for trip: $17.16
Total savings: $3.38

So, today was expensive. I spent a lot on groceries, but they were badly needed. Money has been tight lately, so we’ve mostly been eating box meals or dinner with my parents. It’s nice to have a full pantry, fridge, and freezer again.Thanks for reading!

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