The 10 in 10 challenge: Review

Well, we’ve come to the end of this challenge! Originally, I made a list of 20 tasks. After a few productive days, I expanded the list to 40 tasks to choose from. My original goal was to accomplish 10 tasks in 10 days. Looking back over the past 10 days, I am amazed at how much got done! Here’s a little recap of how everything was accomplished.

Day 1

I took advantage of the random cool weather to weed 3/4 of my front garden.


Day 2

I worked on filling our gallery wall with a framed engagement picture.


Day 3

I busted out the iron & hung up our living room curtains.

I hung up our photo collage near the master bedroom.

My husband hung up the closet doors in the spare room.


Day 4

I cleaned out & reorganized the spare room.

I organized my coupons.

I cleaned up a small antique window that I had & used it to decorate the top of the china hutch.

I cleaned up & painted an antique chalkboard easel.

I moved the carpet remnants from the basement to the garbage.


Day 5

I went thrift store shopping and found a mirror & bookshelf for our hallway.

I edged the back lawn.

My mom & husband cleaned up the carport.


Day 6

I painted the bathroom vanity.


Day 7

I organized the bathroom vanity.

My sister finished painting our front door red.

I also applied & got rejected for season 5 of Win, Lose, or Blog (oh well).


Day 8

My mom replaced my dead pansies with fresh impatiens on my front porch.

I donated the random textbooks from the back of my car.


Day 9



Day 10

My parents moved the spare dresser to their house.

I changed out the vanity hardware.

All in all, I was able to cross 24 tasks off my list! In the end, I accomplished way more than I thought I would. It just goes to show that if you do a little every day, it will add up to a lot! Thanks for sticking with me until the end!

Thanks for reading!

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