The 10 in 10 challenge: Day 2

For Day 2, I was able to cross off one task from my list. I made it back over to Target & picked up the photo I had printed on Father’s Day. I was there printing a photo for my father-in-law, but I had to wait around for an hour to get my 8×10 for the gallery wall. After an hour of waiting, the lady finally told me the printer wasn’t working and I could pick it up later, with a $1 off coupon for my trouble. Have I mentioned that I LOVE Target? It allows me to put my growing couponing skills to work! (You can read about that here, and here.)

Here’s a shot of our in-progress gallery wall:

And here’s a close-up of the photo I just brought home & popped in the frame:

After Day 2, here’s where the list stands:
1. Steam & hang other living room curtain
2. Pick up photo from Target & hang in gallery wall frame
3. Hang picture collage frame near master bedroom
4. Edge back lawn
5. Pull weeds in garden near street
6. Pull weeds in garden near neighbors
7. Pull weeds in garden near house
8. Pull weeds in garden near carport
9. Organize coupons
10. Replace dead pansies with impatiens (front garden & pots on front porch)
11. Hang closet doors
12. Organize spare room
13. Clean up carport (rocks, grass, furniture pieces)
14. Replace dead marigolds in back yard with living ones
15. Move wedding arch wood pieces to back yard
16. Paint bathroom vanity
17. Organize bathroom vanity
18. Paint dining chairs
19. Paint dining table
20. Pull/dig up weeds in backyard

I think this weekend will be a big time for all my gardening tasks. My mom is coming over to help us move some dirt around and she’s bringing her weed eater! Yay for edging unruly lawns!

4 tasks down, 6 to go, in 8 more days!

Thanks for reading!

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