eventful past few weeks

I promise that I’m still alive! I’m happy to report that I survived Finals Week!
Honestly, the last few weeks have been so busy I’ve hardly had time to post about all of the nothing that I’ve accomplished! HA! You could say I’m enjoying all my free time to relax and take a break.

Unfortunately, I also have some bad news to report. My beloved car, Bam Bam, was stolen from our carport this weekend. So we are now a one-car family.

Since I’m an eternal optimist, I’ve identified some positives in this situation:
– There was nothing valuable inside.
– I don’t have to wash it.
– There was only about 1/4 a tank of gas in the tank.
– If they don’t find it, I won’t have to pay $500 to replace my catalytic converter in November.
– Thankful that we didn’t pay to replace the bumper over a few beauty marks from my accident in December.

– We get to save on gas money by carpooling to work now.
– We are safe and nothing else was harmed/taken.
– We do still have one car available to us.
– We have full coverage insurance.
– We get to learn new ways of communication and cooperation in our marriage. 🙂

Thanks for reading (and being patient with my lazy blogging habits)!

I love comments!

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