Medicine organization

A few weeks ago, I was inspired by this post on IHeart Organizing. Did you know that medicine cabinets are not for medicines?? Keeping medicines in the bathroom actually causes the medicines to expire sooner (due to high temperatures). So this week, I moved the medicines to the kitchen (into a cupboard not above the oven).First, I took the messy basket from the bathroom.

Then, I organized everything. I threw out expired medications.
(Yes, I have Twilight band-aids. They came in my Christmas stocking. Be jealous.)

Finally, I put the items in some tupperware & stashed them in the cupboard! I organized it by soonest-expiring medication.

This was a simple project that literally took me 5 minutes.
We do have other medicine-cabinet like things in another basket, but these are the ones we need to have readily available. I only went searching for the Icy Hot after restarting P90X! You can read about my experience with that on my other blog – the fit wife!

Thanks for reading!

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