Kitchen Challenge Step 4: Reorganizing the Kitchen Drawers!

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Step 1: Pantry
Step 2: Under the Sink
Step 3: The BuffetStep 4 – reorganizing the kitchen drawers!

I reorganized 5 out of 8 drawers in the kitchen. Two of them didn’t need to be reorganized. One still needs help, but that will be for another day.

For each drawer, I emptied it, wiped it down, and then put back things in an organized way. This step was also about rearranging which drawers things were in.

My towels & pot holders were all shoved into one overstuffed drawer before. Now they’re in separate ones and they look so much better.



My silverware drawer was already pretty organized, but we had a few things that we could stand to get rid of – a couple pieces of transitional silverware that held us over before we got the pieces we registered for.



My measuring cups drawer was an absolute disaster. I fully plan on getting another roll of non-skid contact paper from the dollar store to help keep all these in place. I had no idea I had SO MANY measuring spoons (and I use them all)!!



My other drawers were kind of a two-for-one deal. I needed to move my foil, plastic wrap, plastic bags, etc. to a bigger drawer, and the one I chose only had our nice set of silverware in it. I moved the silver box to inside the buffet (which was otherwise empty), and used that drawer for the plastic goods.



Almost finished! Step 5 will be the final one! Thanks for reading!

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