I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA for the past month. Something I can guarantee you – if I’m not blogging, I’m probably not working too hard on my fitness journey. I didn’t necessarily fall off the proverbial wagon, but I haven’t been putting the effort I need to in to get the results I desire.

My last Weight Watchers meeting was this week. I can’t afford the monthly pass anymore, so I’m switching to just online etools. It will save us about $90 in the next three months. I promised those at my meeting that I’d come back for each milestone reward (every 25 lbs).

I’m tired of plateauing and bouncing around the same 3-5 lb bracket that I have been in the last 4 months. I’ve got 14.2 lbs left to my next milestone where I can check into my WW meeting again. I’m trying to focus on right now. What can I do right now to work towards a healthier lifestyle?

I’m turning back to some oldies, but goodies – things I know will work. This week, I’m following week 1 of this book:

It has some pretty fantastic recipes in it, and I’m usually too full to eat everything that it tells me to eat. I’ve generally had success when following this book.

I’d like to get back to P90X, but for this week, I’m going back to Jillian Michaels. I know I’ve mentioned her 30 Day Shred more than once.

I’m going to do Level 1 this week and see where I’m at after that.

So here’s to rekindling motivation! Wish me luck and pray for me!


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