Spring gardening

I decided to spend my after-work hours outdoors today! It started with a lunch date with my husband. We work a block away from each other, so I went to his office and we walked hand in hand to Subway, enjoying the beautiful sunshine. After Subway, we stopped at Loard’s ice cream for a peanut butter fudge cone. Mmmmmm. And then we walked back to his office.
I decided the sunshine was SO great that I would garden. Now, I’m not a gardener. I don’t really like getting dirty at all. But I wanted my garden to have some color and look pretty. So I went to Home Depot to get some potting soil and a towel, and ended up buying a calla lilly and 3/4 of a flat of pansies. I also had a hydrangea I bought yesterday that was marked down from Valentine’s Day.Here’s what I have to show for my two and a half hours of work:

Have a great weekend!

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