This is kind of random. I had an assignment to write a poem in the style of Thomas Gray. He’s a Pre-Romantic 18th century British poet. For any other English majors out there, the Pre-Romantic poets were the transition into the beautiful poetry we saps love about love, childhood, the simple life – poet like Blake, Wordsworth, Byron, etc.

So Thomas Gray is very depressing, filled with longing, and is just starting to delve into the nature/childhood aspects of poetry. His poem “Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College” is where we get the commonly-known aphorism “Ignorance is bliss.” I modeled my poem after that poem. Let it be known that this is maybe the 4th poem that I’ve written in my life. I generally get frustrated halfway through and give up. So on the rare occasion that I do finish, I’m usually pretty pleased with myself. So without further ado…………

Ode to the Childhood Days in Modesto

Ye distant memories of orchards and playgrounds,
Of long walks and bike rides through the neighborhood,
Where are ye now that my mind knows the bounds
Of freedom and dreams of things I thought I could?

Oh, for the days of childhood, careless and bold
When each pinky swear was a secret to be treasured,
And dandelions were made to be crowns of gold.
Neither by friends nor money was my value measured.

I remember now, as though it were a moment ago.
I feel the sun, the grass, my own bare feet
Skipping along. My heart was contented so!
I wonder, Ignorance, if by chance, we again shall meet?

Image from here.

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