Kitchen Challenge Step 1: Pantry!

Today, I had some extra time to work on my pantry organization. I lost my voice, and most of my job is to answer the phones at work. I didn’t have anything to do (other than make important phone calls which I was unable to do) at my second job, so I was sent home early. I decided to use my extra time to start on that pantry organization (after a nap didn’t work out…haha)!

I first emptied out EVERYTHING, cleaned the shelves, and finished putting contact paper on the last 2 shelves (we ran out of paper shortly after we moved in).

In progress pictures:

After two trips to the dollar store (I ran out of containers and went back with a list later to get everything I needed to finish) and $44.93 spent, I was home and ready to tackle my pantry.

For my $44.93 (including tax) spent, I got 2 corner wire organizer shelves, 2 mini wire organizers for small stuff, 1 roll of nonskid drawer liner, 13 plastic baskets of various sizes, 19 single plastic containers with lids of various sizes, 3 two-packs of plastic containers with lids, and 1 four-pack of plastic containers with lids. That’s a total of 38 organizing items (or 76 items if you count the lids)!!!!

Here’s what I bought the first trip (only half my haul):

After I had everything, I threw out old stuff, pulled out some items to donate or give away, and then started transferring everything into their new plastic bins!

Here are the before & afters!!!!Tall shelves – top (before)

Tall shelves – top (after!!!)

Tall shelves – bottom (before)

Tall shelves – bottom (after!!!)

Short shelves – left (before)

Short shelves – left (after!!!)

Short shelves – right (before)

Short shelves – overall (after!!!)

In case you’re wondering, here’s how I organized my shelves.

Tall shelves:
Top shelf – large baskets are baking items and the smaller one is cake mixes
Second shelf – Oils & Vinegars, Syrups & Honey, and other small baking items
Third shelf – baking staples & ingredients
Fourth shelf – breakfast items & cereals
Fifth shelf – canned goods, spice packets, sauces, nuts, & pastas
Sixth shelf – drink mixes (ovaltine, protein powder), box meals, rices

Short shelves – left:
Top shelf – Crackers & Rice Cakes, Crystal Light packets, Snacks & Granola Bars
Second shelf – Smoothie mixes, tea strainer & accessories, Loose leaf tea, Bagged tea
Bottom shelf – popcorn & popcorn maker, coffee items

Short shelves – right:
Top shelf – lightbulbs, lunchbox
Bottom shelf – disposable cups, straws, lunchbox, trash bags, bulk baking soda, bulk vinegar

This is step 1 for my overall kitchen organization challenge this week! I was originally planning on spreading this step across two days, but I was able to accomplish it in one! To see my plan for the rest of the week, click here. To join this challenge at A bowl full of lemons, click here!!!

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18 thoughts on “Kitchen Challenge Step 1: Pantry!

  1. WOW WOW WOW! Go girl! I want to get in my car and head to my local dollar store asap! You have inspired me! You really did an outstanding job!Thanks for sharing! I bet you look in your new cabinets often just to smile! I know I would!xoxo!Jen

  2. looks fantastic! I am still plotting out my pantry remodel/reorg!!! 😀 Thanks for sharing. I love the use of your baskets!

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