Front door wreath

I love making Christmas wreaths so much that I decided I wanted to try my hand at making a year-round wreath for our front door.

Here’s the new wreath!

I haven’t set up an etsy site yet, as I’m still making the goods to advertise on there. If anyone would be interested in purchasing one, I can sell them for $15 plus shipping. Obviously, local area could be delivered.

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16 thoughts on “Front door wreath

  1. It was pretty simple to make. I cut a circle from a cardboard box, then wrapped it in scraps cut from a white t-shirt. Then I rolled 1" strips of burlap into rosettes (just googled how to make rosettes) and hot glued them to the t-shirt-wrapped circle! Then I tied a bow around it. Happy rosette making!Jenn

  2. Hi Jennn,I am a new follower to your blog. I Love, Love,Love your wreath, awesome job! I love anything to do with roses, makes me want to try my hand at one. I see you said it was pretty simple to make. Just what I like.."SIMPLE" lolYour more than welcome to stop by my blog for a vist and say hi, when you have a free moment.

  3. I absolutely love your wreath!! :)I have come to the conclusion that I am the only person who canNOT make fabric flowers. Yep, it was a total MISS, no matter what kind of fabric or burlap I've tried.

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