The Office

Our next organization project will be….. the office! This is mostly motivated out of the fact that we have somehow misplaced the installation disk for our printer. So for the time being, I can’t print anything from my new laptop. I need to be able to print for school!

So we’re taking on our biggest overall problem room this weekend. Get ready for some pretty scary before pictures, and hopefully some beautiful afters!

We are not at all planning on doing anything other than organizing and cleaning up. But I thought it might be fun to post some inspiration pictures for a home office!

I love this cottage look.

Image from House Beautiful
The black adds drama to this white and cream room.

Image from House Beautiful
Look at all the storage!

Image from Pottery Barn
French cottage. Feminine, Romantic, Chic. Love!!
Image from My Home Ideas
Love the printer stand here and the staggered shelving!

Image from My Home Ideas
Bright pops of teal? Yes please!

Image from My Home Ideas

Moving a desk into a closet with bi-fold doors or curtains would be amazing.
It would definitely make great use of the closet space we’re not really using right now.

Image from My Home Ideas
I love the functionality of this room.
It’s a double desk, a playroom for their daughter, and it has a hide-a-way bed for guests!

Image from Young House Love
And one more……………
I LOVE this one. French doors and HAND PAINTED wallpaper. Beautiful.
Click the link below to see the tutorial on how she did it!
Have a great weekend!

One thought on “The Office

  1. These are awesome! I will be interested to see what you end up doing with your space. In the meantime, most printer companies have free software downloads for their printer online:) I know this because I lost my cd for the printer too!

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