Finish Strong Challenge 2010 – Vol. 6

Happy Halloween and Reformation Day, everyone!

This week was another good week for the scale. I really tried to focus on my eating this week, as I just did not have time for formal exercise sessions this week. What I mean by “formal” is not P90X in a prom dress – I mean I wasn’t able to do a dvd workout, but I was able to get exercise from day-to-day things like cleaning up our stuff for an upcoming yard sale. Hooray for getting rid of clutter AND unwanted pounds at the same time!

I tried a bunch of new recipes – none of which I was especially blown away by. But they did help me to stay on track with my WW plan.

I actually had a nice chunk of weight come off at my weigh in this week – another 3.2 lbs! I was astounded. That was simply eating clean (no processed junk) for about 2 days, and then attempting to mostly eat clean the rest of the week. Amazing. That meant that I was able to hit another milestone this week – I hit (and surpassed) the 60-lb mark in my weight loss journey. I’m down a total of 62.2 lbs since I began my journey in September 2009.

This next week looks like it will be very much the same in terms of exercising – lots of organizing for a yard sale.

Thanks for reading!


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