Finish Strong Challenge 2010 Vol. 3 – P90X Phase 1

Announcement: I have visible shoulder blades now!!! 🙂

I just finished phase 1 of P90X. Last time I posted pictures, I said I had skipped a bunch of workouts, so I was going to re-do phase 1. This time, I had a much higher success, but it just took me a while to kick into gear. I busted my butt for two weeks doing the doubles program. That meant it was 1-2.5 hours of working out a day with Tony Horton. Oddly enough, I enjoyed doing it.

This past week with the Finish Strong Challenge was a little crazy. I didn’t ever end up planning our meals this week, so we ate out a lot. I did my best to make healthy choices. I also ate lots of leftovers, as well as healthy snacks I had lying around. I also only did about 1 1/2 P90X workouts this week. I did confess last week that I slack off during the recovery weeks. Oh well. I will do better this week. 🙂

Here are my progress pictures. Some of them may be fuzzy, I apologize in advance. The ones on the left are my original Day 0 pictures (end of July), and the ones on the right are my Day 30 pictures (end of phase 1 for the second time).

This week, I ended up losing 1.2 lbs. Not bad for a completely spontaneous week of eating.
My results for this month of P90X (September-October) were 5.6 pounds and 4.5 inches lost overall.

My total loss since beginning P90X at the end of July is8.6 pounds and 12 inches overall.

Look out Phase 2, here I come!!!


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